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VIXX is coming back on Oct 14th because Oct 14th = 10/14 = X/XIV

XXIV is VIXX being spelled backward or being placed in front of a mirror

then we got Hongbin’s teaser like he was standing in front of a mirror… so mirror is a hint?


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I suddenly think about an anecdote from a fansign.

Truthfully since that day I can’t escape from Hakyeon… no matter what happened.

During Hyde promotion, there was a fansign.

There was a fan receiving the signs (I was the next number [after her]), who said nothing to the member and carelessly threw the CD [at the members] to receive [the sign]. The members were asking “How are you? Have you eaten? Are you having a bad day?” but she said nothing and had a sour expression on her. Why she was like that… [I] finally knew she was Hyuk’s malicious fan(1)

Hakyeon was seated in the middle at that time, and when it was Hakyeon’s turn [to sign], [she] threw the CD to Hakyeon maliciously. Hakyeon glanced [at her] and smiled, “Hello” he said “wasn’t that really too much..?” he said something like that while turning his head to the side and smiling? He did a motion like that. The truth is, because of his behavior I was contemplating whether to receive his sign or not but then [there were] Hakyeon’s words that I can’t forget..

"Just do this kind of things [not answering, throwing the CD] up until me, if you do this to the other members, I’ll be really angry" he said……..

When she heard that words, she didn’t seem like she was even slightly scared, it was more like she was baffled to anyone. I was baffled enough [too]. And also, starting from the next member even though [she] still didn’t answer [the members’s questions], [she] stopped throwing the CD [to receive their signs] and her disrespectful actions were lessened.

After that day I finally knew why Hakyeon was the leader. With that inherent charisma it’s understandable somehow.

(1)It was written as 악개 (ak-gae) which what kfans call the fans who only liking one member and hating the other members or even doing bad things to the other members (you could google it for better references)

source : http://m.pann.nate.com/talk/323189143 , translation might not be 100% right! but please still take out with credit ㅠㅠ

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